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Side Fence on top of Chain Link

Alright! We ended 2018 on a busy note, we finished the side fence. We shared a short chain link fence with our neighbors that live on a corner. When we went out into our backyard we felt like we had no privacy and security since you could see into our backyard from the street. It was finally time to put up a fence. We went back and forth on what the best way to complete this project, since the landlord next door wouldn't go in with us on getting a fence built. So off to Home Depot we go! We measured the space and decided to buy 70 6' fence boards along with 10' cross boards.

We connected the top rail to the boards with 1" clasps and the bottom boards with 1 1/4" clasps. From there we screwed the fence boards in.

Majority of our time spent was clearing the ivy. This was a huge job! The ivy planted from previous owners had been neglected and is very intrusive, popping up everywhere!

Tools we used: Saw, power drill, screws, gardening clippers

Total time: 1 1/2 days

So much ivy!!:

Cleared half of the chainlink fence, its go time:

Lining up the cross boards with the chainlink fence, attaching with clasps and screws:

Half way there:

The finished fence:

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